FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about technology and energy

Where are the HeroEasy energy modules produced?
Each component will be either purchased as a standard product or produced through injection molding from synthetic materials in European or US factories as it is the case for example with the module body. The HeroEasy modules then will be assembled in the countries where they are installed.

Does HeroEasy work also during the night?
Yes. By using different energy types, it is possible to produce energy through thermal and wind also during night (see also illustration below).

Do I need ordinary roof tiles as base for the installation of the HeroEasy modules?
No. The HeroEasy are ready-to-install roof tiles with additional energy-supply functions. The isolation is already included as well, so there is no need to integrate this extraor additionally.

Are there subsidies for replacing of my current conventional roof with HeroEasy?
Yes, there are subsidies, but the amount is dependent from the local regulations.

Does it make sense to replace my current installed solar collector by HeroEasy?
Yes, but it is dependent on the age of the collectors as well as on the size which has to be clarified individually.

I like the concept behind HeroEasy. However, I would just like to use photovoltaics. Is this possible?
In general this is possible, however, because of the modular structure of the HeroEasy modules this kind of setup isn't reasonable.

The HeroEasy modules are using wind turbines for the energy production through wind and thermal. How loud are these turbines?
The turbines are very silent and thus almost inaudible. The reason for this is multiple isolation of vibrations and acoustic emission.

What kind of material are the HeroEasy modules (main body) made of? They are made of recycled durable synthetic material PA (Polyaniline).

Do I get tax reductions if I install a HeroEasy roof?
Yes, but local regulations will apply.

Do I need a building permit for the installation of a HeroEasy roof?
Yes. A building permit is necessary in Europe and in most of the countries world-wide.

My existing roof including the tiles reaches the maximum of the allowed design height. Is it still possible to install a HeroEasy roof or will the roof height increase through the HeroEasy modules?
In most cases the roof height will increase. Mostly this is below the allowed constructionheight which would be subject to approval. However, this requires individual clarification.

How heavy are the HeroEasy modules?
Approx. 4.5 kilogram

What are the dimensions of the HeroEasy module?
430mm x 346mm base at a height of 250mm

Is it possible to feed in the energy surplus to the power supply system and will I get corresponding feed-in compensation?
Yes, depending to the feed-in regulations

Is the technology behind the HeroEasy modules already tested and proven in the market?
HeroEasy is not using any experimentaltechnologies. During the development of the HeroEasy modules already existing and proven technologies and components were combined to a compact and efficient energy module.

What are the advantages compared to an conventional solar collector?
In comparison to the conventional solar plants HeroEasy uses the same roof area multiple times which results in the production of lot more of renewable energy out of the same roof surface. For the first time wind energy can be use by everyone .

Can I decide on the color of the HeroEasy modules?
Not at the moment. It is planned to have color options with the next generation of the HeroEasy modules. However, existing local laws and regulations which determine the color of the roofs mightapply. Therefore, the choice of the colors of the HeroEasy modules is limited through authorities.

How secure are the HeroEasy roofs when snow slides off?
In cases, where this is needed, there are “snow-stoppers” installed.

What is the duration of the usual service life of HeroEasy?
The chassis (main body from synthetic material) last for more then 30 years. For instance, the material is used for in the railway industry.

Do the HeroEasy modules need to be maintained and if so in which intervals?
Yes, this is an energy collector. Dirt and damage will decrease the performance as it is with the current solar collectors. There will be similar maintenance intervals as with solar collectors.

Is my house completely autonomous and self-sufficient, thus completely independent from energy and heat suppliers?
Yes. However, there are certain regulations which require power connection. This is depending on local regulations.

Do I need a separate heating system if the HeroEasy roof is used or will the water in the heating circuit be heated by the HeroEasy system?
Yes, but only if the building equipment is aligned with HeroEasy. Temporary storage for electricityand heat will still be required.

Are there any other additional installations (e.g. power lines, water pipes) required, in order that HeroEasy works properly?
HeroEasy modules will be installed on the existing building equipment and appliances. However, additional equipment for the energy feed-in is required as well as a big hot water tank (water heater). Normally, a modern aligned building equipment is required or useful in order to use all advantages of HeroEasy.

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