"Energy Revolution" on the roof top.

They all have just one, we have all in one!

The world-wide first and only compact energy module,
that realizes an autonomous and decentral power supply.

Combination of proven

Combination of proven, established technologies
Light energy – Photovoltaic

The latest generation of solar cells guarantee high efficiency.

Kinetic energy – Wind turbines

Flow-optimized inlets increase the incoming air stream and allow the usage of specific wind turbines; they produce energy efficiently and effectively.
The guided air stream has a cooling effect on the bottom side of the solar cells and ensures optimal isolation.

Solar energy – Heat exchange

As a consequence of the radiation of the reflecting surface and the direct sunlight, the heat pipe heats an integrated linked system

Thermic energy – Wind turbines

The particular roof construction makes it possible to capture thermic energy with the module and to convert it into electric energy by using the integratedwind turbines. This kind of energy production is optimized in terms of seasons and day times.


Fascination Technology!

Details of the technology of HeroEasy

A few words about us

Our solutions are based on proven what we combine with innovations. So nature is our inspiration and its preservation our motivation. Just an intelligent and sustainable interpretation.

In the recent years, the Logic Swisshas been researching solutions for decentralized energy supply and has developed a multifunctional energy module called HeroEasy, which is now patented worldwide. The industrialization of the product is currently being prepared.


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